A Walking Bible on a Motorbike

He may be called a “walking Bible,” but this month, JP Lindsey rode on a motorbike with a Jesus Film Rider to bring the Word of God to northern Ghana. This was the continuation of a partnership between Heart Bible for the Nations and OneWay Africa.

JP Lindsey also took students with OneWay Africa’s Livingstone School of Missions to do outreach in the marketplace of Accra. A group of four students approached a man who sat outside his shop, and one of them told the story of the paralytic from Mark 2.

“He was listening very keenly,” the student said. “We didn’t know that he couldn’t walk.” At the part of the story when four friends lower the paralytic through a roof to Jesus, the man’s face lit up.

“You are like the four friends,” the man said, “and you are carrying me to Jesus!” The students prayed with him and he accepted Christ.

As missionaries shared the Bible in the marketplace, in schools and on soccer fields in Ghana this month, they witnessed the power of the Bible to draw people to Christ.

These newly trained missionaries are equipped to take the Bible where it has never gone before.

This year, Equipping Evangelist and JP Lindsey equipped two sets of Livingstone School of Missions students to carry God’s Word in their hearts and share it with their mouths. Both groups saw fruit as they told Bible stories in the streets of Accra, Ghana.

“They have something they can say now” when they do evangelism, Equipping Evangelist says. All they need to do is “let the story speak.”

In September, the next group of LSM students also saw fruit during their Heart Bible for the Nations outreach. Many who heard them tell Bible stories came to Christ, “including three busy shopkeepers who were touched by the story of Mary and Martha,” JP Lindsey says.

JP Lindsey then set out with two of the students for northern Ghana, the mission field of OneWay Africa’s Jesus Film Riders. They joined Jesus Film Rider Reagan, who runs sports outreaches as well as taking The Jesus Film to remote villages in the area.

Although the schools where Reagan works are in a Muslim area, he is allowed to share the gospel with students, and many are open to his teaching.

“It’s an exciting place to be, because you feel like it’s on the cusp of turning,” JP Lindsey says. “But there’s so much work to do. It made me wonder about those other communities where the riders are. I’m sure they all sometimes wish there were more people helping out where they are. There’s a lot of people to reach for one person.”

JP Lindsey was encouraged by the riders’ ministry and methods, and he was eager for the chance to help, telling Bible stories to students whenever he could at the private school where they stayed and with Reagan’s soccer team. The team learned how all the prophets they know from Islam like Abraham, Moses and Elijah point to Jesus.

Muslim students were excited to share the Word of God with each other on the soccer field after learning to tell Bible stories.

More than 90 percent of the students come from Muslim families, but as they learned to tell Bible stories, they proudly shared them with each other.

In coming years, we hope to see more excitement for the Word of God among the youth and young missionaries of Ghana through their partnership with OneWay Africa.