About Us

What is Heart Bible all about?

We want to write the Bible on the hearts of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Our Beliefs

  • The Word of God is the Bread of Life that nourishes the soul.
  • One cannot really know a passage of Scripture unless they can restate it.
  • It is necessary to equip people so they can rightly handle the Word of truth.
  • The process of internalizing Scripture is a discipline of Bible meditation.
  • The Heart Bible is highly effective for evangelism, discipleship, equipping leaders and planting churches.
  • Asking good questions can help listeners discover what God is saying for themselves.
  • Parables, stories and figures of speech communicate abstract truth effectively.
  • The practice of learning, telling, and teaching Bible stories makes God’s Word and the gospel more accessible to people.
  • If we neglect to put the Word of God in our hearts we become spiritually weak witnesses for Christ.
  • It is necessary to tell Bible stories without comment or explanation, thus passing on an oral Bible.
  • The Bible should not be used as a mere reference book to access information but as spiritual food for life.
  • The idea we have about the Heart Bible has the potential to turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ.

About our Founder

While raising their three sons, EE had been serving in pastoral roles for 13 years and his wife worked as an RN.  They started their missionary career by planting 3 Hispanic churches in the Chicago Suburbs.  After their sons were married, EE began to train pastors in Central America, focusing on preaching expository sermons.

Although they felt the Lord wanted them to serve together, they didn’t know how EE’s wife would serve, since she didn’t have formal seminary training.  At the same time, it became clear that many of the pastors EE was teaching had minimal education and the literate-style methods he was using seemed out of reach for them.

Then the Lord brought them to a Missions’ Conference in the US, where they were exposed to the concept of Orality and Chronological Bible Storytelling in Missions.  Sensing that this could be a solution to both dilemmas, they attended various training workshops and adapted what they had learned to their own teaching contexts.  Immediately, they saw how they could both teach and how participants could learn, tell and teach very effectively using the narratives of the Bible.

After time and experience, it was clear that the Lord had not only shown them a wonderful tool for evangelism and discipleship, but also a way to build their own knowledge of the Bible and deepen their faith.

Thus, the concept of “growing a Heart Bible” was conceived – and, finally, after years of use in local and international ministries, Heart Bible for the Nations was born!