One Big Story

The second time EE and his wife visited a remote area of Papua New Guinea, they were delighted to see how excited the people were to learn and tell the Bible stories.  Because paper doesn’t endure the humidity of a jungle, they struggled to determine what tools to use to help their learners.  So, as a tool and incentive, they brought the mostly non-literate pastors and leaders a Story Cloth – a piece of cloth that had Bible story pictures printed on it, to help the learners stay on track with the sequence of stories they were assigned to learn.  The people were very proud and worked hard to receive one!  

After receiving her Story Cloth, one lady, stood up.  EE and his wife remembered her well.  She spoke a few words of English and knew some gospel songs in English, because she had learned from missionaries when she was a little girl.  That day, holding up her Story Cloth, she pointed at the pictures and said,

“I am the leader of children in my church, but I did not know these stories before.  Now I know and I can teach children to tell Bible stories.  I also know that these stories are a part of one, big story!”

In front of her peers, she proceeded to point to the pictures on the Story Cloth and told the one, big story of the Bible,

“God created everything and He made it perfect.  He made the first man and woman to rule over the world. But, the man and woman did not obey God’s rules. Sin came into the world and now it was cursed, but God had a plan…”  

We all watched and listened, marveling at what God had revealed to her.