A Movement of the Spirit

Using a Bible story and three simple questions, Equipping Evangelist led three Muslim sisters to Christ. He has used that method many times with the same powerful result, and it has sparked a Bible storytelling movement, Heart Bible for the Nations, around the world. The sisters were acting as translators at the baptism of six …

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So Shall My Word Be

While he was visiting Kurdistan, JP Lindsey met a young refugee who had never heard the gospel before. The woman, an 18-year-old soccer player, had joined the Kurdish paramilitary because of the oppression she faced as a Kurdish woman who believed in the “wrong kind” of Islam. Before talking to JP, she didn’t know anything …

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Ambrose in Kenya

Recently, Ambrose took a trip to Kenya to conduct a Heart Bible training there. He went with a pastor named Gabriel who is also from Rwanda. The Heart Bible has transformed his church, and his testimony would be invaluable to the people they would meet in Kenya. Before using this method, he really struggled to …

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Genuine Faith: The Heart Bible for the Garifuna People in Guatemala

Miguel and Laura are faithful missionaries and trainers in the Heart Bible. They were sent from their church in Guatemala to a town called Livingston in eastern Guatemala. Livingston is made up of many different ethnic groups, including the Garifuna people who came from Africa over 200 years ago. They are an oral culture, and …

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