Aram: Stories from Turkey

Aram is a teacher and dear brother serving an Iranian refugee community in southern Turkey. He is a refugee from Iran himself, but he serves his people faithfully, teaching English and sharing God’s love with them. He visits Iranian believers in home groups, and EE (Equipping Evangelist) has been able to meet with many of these believers and see how God is moving among them and adding to their number through the sharing of God’s Word and by the power of His Spirit. Below are some short testimonies from a few of these believers. They have been powerfully moved by the Heart Bible stories, and many have been eager to implement it in their lives. They have been touched by the spoken word of God.


The very first Heart Bible impact Aram witnessed was from a girl named Zahra. She said that from the day she first heard EE tell a Bible story, her love for reading the Bible had grown. She reads three chapters of the Bible every day and told Aram that she has so much love for the Bible that she wants to shout out from the window and tell everybody to read it! Additionally, Esther, Zahra’s mother, said that ever since her daughter first started learning the Heart Bible, their family has been blessed by God’s work and impressed by the impact the Bible stories have had on their lives.


Amir, Esther’s husband, is a professional singer and began singing for God in his church. But there had been some conflicts and bad behavior from the pastor of the church that caused him to quit singing and attending. Once he heard the Heart Bible stories, he returned to the love he had for singing and reading his Bible. He is now interested in sharing these stories at his church and with his neighbors.


Omid makes his living by driving. Just as he drove from address to address, he jumped from religion to religion. People in his town considered him to be an outsider; someone nobody would’ve thought to worship the One, true God. But in all of his searching to quench his thirst for God, God himself showed up in a dream and sealed his mind by taking him up to heaven. When Omid heard the stories from the Heart Bible, he was so impressed by the teachings, that he began using what he learned in his training to tell Bible stories to everyone he met.


When Mary prays, God answers. She is blessed with the gift of prayer, and EE believes his trips are more blessed ever since sister Mary promised to pray for him everyday. 

Mary’s family has been through very hard times. Their home in Iran was a church, and one day, her husband was arrested, harassed, and tortured by the secret police for preaching the Gospel. But God showed her in a dream that this would happen. 

Mary is also an evangelist. She is in constant contact via Whatsapp with non-believers in her country of Iran, and now she feels even more equipped with this new tool of sharing the good news of Jesus with the stories of the Bible. She records the Bible stories and sends them. Those who receive them can easily delete them after listening to and learning God’s Word.

Mohsen and Ahmad

Mohsen and Ahmad are young brothers (9 & 13) that are in love with the Bible and telling the Heart Bible stories. They are Aram’s English students, and have added many Bible stories to their Heart Bible. They have learned more stories than anyone else and are bold in sharing them! They continue to thrive in their English studies, and hope to be pastors who use the Heart Bible someday.

These are just a few stories about how the Heart Bible for the Nations is growing and equipping believers all over the world. When God’s word is memorized, internalized, and shared with others, it has the power to transform lives. 

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20