Empowered by the Word of God

Telezia and Daniel:

The Heart Bible is thriving among the Rwandans, and the people are hungry to learn and share God’s stories. Men and women, young and old, educated and uneducated are catching the vision and the passion for the Heart Bible and are being trained in it.

One such woman is named Telezia. Telezia leads a prayer group that Ambrose, an HBN trainer and ministry partner, attends regularly. When Telezia heard about the Heart Bible training from Ambrose, she desperately wanted to attend. She contacted Ambrose and asked to participate, but Ambrose insisted that she couldn’t attend because she had a young baby and no childcare could be arranged. So she asked if Daniel, her husband, could go instead. Ambrose agreed, and Daniel attended the training in May that was focused on learning the Heart Bible for evangelism.

Daniel went to the training having no experience teaching the Bible, and was intimidated by the prospect of doing so. He also struggled to know how to study the Bible for himself. But after attending the training, he felt empowered to teach the stories to people. He returned home to his wife, and taught her everything he learned from the training. Telezia remarked: “I don’t know what you’ve done with my husband, but he’s a new man now!” She was so impressed by the Heart Bible method, and they both began telling the stories to anyone who would listen.


Theresa has lived in her little village her entire life, but always avoided going to the shady places in the market because of the prostitution and bar scene there. She started attending the Heart Bible training for evangelism. The training was set up where they would learn the stories in the morning, then in the afternoon go out to the streets to put it into practice. She was frightened, but went out confidently with the Word of God in her heart. 

Theresa explained that when she started sharing the stories with the prostitutes and people in the bars in the market, she saw that they were hungry for God. They were surprised when she began telling the stories, because they expected that she would start reading from the Bible. They listened intently, asked questions, and remarked that they loved the stories. Theresa explained, “I think that if we go there for many days, we will see that place change completely.” She also said, “It (the Heart Bible) has empowered me and others to spread the Gospel!” Now, when Theresa reads the Bible, she tries to learn the stories she reads by heart so that she can share it with the people she meets.

Theresa sharing her story

An Army Commander

Ezekiel, a pastor and ministry partner of the Heart Bible, lives in a very remote village in Rwanda near the border of Burundi where there is a large military base. Since learning the Heart Bible, he has shared it with many, many people, and word has spread about the stories that were being told. One day, a soldier came to him and said that the commander had some questions for him about God. He explained that the commander said, “If I like your answers, then I will attend your gatherings.” Ezekiel was afraid and very intimidated when he heard about this. He is an uneducated man, and it scared him to think about having a discussion with the commander. But he agreed to meet with him, and they ended up talking for over 2 hours! Ezekiel answered many of his questions, and the commander was satisfied with his answers. He has continued to ask Ezekiel questions, and we are praying that the commander would attend the church gatherings and hear the Heart Bible stories. Please be praying with us!